What happens when you combine a passion for technology and a passion for teaching? You have a constant desire to learn more and more, combining both traditional methods and new technology in all that you do.

I am a Teacher who has a passion for Technology and all things stationery, including Filofax and Fountain pens!

I love writing and organising things, those that know me will fall on one of two sides here – those that have seen my organisation and know how much I love it and how OCD organised I am, others will have seen my room at uni and my old flat and will wonder what on earth I am talking about. I have this thing where I might sometimes live in a mess but I will be able to tell you exactly which pile of stuff something is in! I can’t do my work (at work work or within my Scout work) if there is a mess around me and things are not organised!

Maybe next time I am able to move I will have the tidy place I always dream of! 🙂

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One thought on “Hello!

  1. Steve Murphy

    Hi, I have a question about your secondary planner pages documents. I have downloaded both word and excel docs and changed the dates in excel, but I’m not sure what to do now to make it update the word document and to get pages within a date range including the weekend pages. Please advise ASAP. Thanks Steve.


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