It is funny how somethings happen; when you are least expecting it you find yourself in the middle of spaghetti junction and have no idea what to do with yourself from there – which way to go?
It is in one of those such puzzles that I find myself at present, but literally just now I have possibly unravelled some of the thoughts that have been going round and round in my head like they were in a washing machine on super fast spin mode.

After returning from my fortnightly Wednesday evening meet up, I had a few things to think over about what I want to do. It was mentioned to me tonight that I need to decide what it is I actually want to do and not down to what I thought I should be doing. At first I was frustrated with the conversation because I keep saying that I don’t know what it is I should be doing with my life, I have not got a 5 or 10 year plan mapped out and have never understood how people always just seem to know what it is they want to do with their lives.
It wasn’t until I was sitting in the car on the way home when my friend said
“Well what is it that you want to be doing 10 years from now?”
“Hopefully have a home of my own, a partner and maybe a family of my own” It all just came tumbling out of my mouth.
“I would also like to live and work in America, teaching in Elementary school” (that’s Primary school here in the UK)
“Well there you go then, thats what you want so send a thought out to the universe telling them that!”
Ok so maybe I do know what I want, it’s possibly just the steps to getting there. Maybe it’s because I don’t know if moving to America will be an achievable goal, I haven’t even been there before so why this idea of moving over there is even in my head I have no idea! But it is and it keeps being thought about every time I go on Pinterest or look at blogs. In my home feed on Pinterest there is a combination of Elementary school ideas, home organisation ideas, a selection of food images, and the most amazing collection of room ideas you could ask for – all of which originate the other side of the pond! Perhaps there is the odd one or two pins that have ideas from the UK but the majority of my pins that I’ve saved are definitely coming from America! There are also far more and useful blogs written by teachers in America than I have found UK ones (although maybe I just haven’t found them?).

It is hardly a surprise to me that what I found after finding one such pin was a link to the TPT website (Teachers Pay Teachers) and on this particular pin it said to check out the creators blog. I found the link on her TPT shop page and opened it in Safari (I was on my iPad). I scrolled down and found this article about who inspires us. I started reading it and it was speaking to me, saying exactly what I had been feeling. Aside from the fact that I have never seen Top Gun and feel like I should probably locate a copy and watch it ASAP, I felt exactly what Michelle was describing, it was as if she was inside my head and getting all of the words and feelings out for me.

She is right, you do need something to bring you back from the doom and gloom and remind you why you trained to teach in the first place. I know I am meant to be a teacher I have just had a few square-peg-round-hole issues thus far but I shouldn’t give up!
Add to this square peg situation the fact that I seem to have picked up the completely wrong round hole as well and it becomes even more obvious why I am currently not teaching. By this I mean that although I am trained to teach Secondary (11-18 year olds) I should have trained to teach Primary!
After all, I am also a fully qualified Beaver Scout Leader as part of The Scout Association (Beaver Scouts are the youngest section and are between 6 and 8 years old)! Whenever I have told anyone I’m a teacher in the past they have assumed I am a Primary teacher and are somewhat surprised (and think I’m crazy) when they find out I teach IT at secondary school!

Signs other than Pinterest pins etc. that have been waving their arms in front of my oblivious eyes have been as follows:

Craving planning things – I have a Filofax that I use to write down my shifts at work in, and any appointments or such like but that is all that I have been using it for this past year and a bit. I want to deck it out properly with my planning pages (that I spent time creating with some help!!!) and get using them (as I didn’t really get to use them before getting my job at the pub). I also want to create some more pages so that I can use them to record grades and other details like I would have in a teacher’s binder that I have been supplied with in the past. I have never really used them all as they were set out because they were never set out appropriately for me. Although the last one I had before I created my own pages I did use more as it was intended for the planning pages at least and the only reason I managed to use those pages then was because I had the loose leaf A4 planner that goes into a ring binder.
I actually WANT to plan some lessons/schemes of work and make all the resources for the term.

The overwhelming desire to go shopping for all the stationery items for the new term (not that I really need any new stationery – even if I was teaching this year – as I have oodles of the stuff everywhere!).
I really want to get some more ink for my fountain pen, some boxes and files etc. to set up a mega organised classroom and labels so that I can label the new pots with sharp pencils on one and dull pencils on the other and to create a wall display with classroom helper jobs for the week and fun displays of the things we are learning about this term.

Still wanting to purchase an Organising Utility Tote from and a lightweight hanging file system to go in it so I too can have one of these pretty things that I found on my many sessions on Pinterest!!!

I miss the students, I miss the planning, I don’t miss the stress or the lurgies or the politics/BS (although the stress and politics are usually there in most jobs) but I think it is time that I make my way back to the classroom, albeit a Primary classroom rather than a computer room this time!

I am going to start by volunteering for a few days a week if I can in a local school or two, to get the feel of things again and also to gain some more experience before jumping in at the deep end. This does mean that potentially I may be working at the pub for another long stretch of time but it should also mean that I can apply for Primary Teaching jobs that start this time next year (or sooner if something comes up).

There’s a date to mark in my Filofax! September 2015, well August 2015 really as I will want to get into my school and classroom to prepare over the summer!

The Date Is In My Filofax Now!

The Date Is In My Filofax Now!

Between now and then, apart from classroom time, I am hoping to gather a collection of ideas and suggestions together to help me make the transition, not only back into the classroom easier, but also the transition from secondary to primary easier as well. I am going to try and document my progress on here along the way, that way I will have a collection of ideas and links on hand no matter where I am as long as I have access to the Internet!


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Mostly Sorted and Event Organisation

There were a few days of downtime at the end of March/beginning of April but that has been sorted and is still running as it was before that short break.

Work has been mega busy during April so nothing much was able to happen on here but now that April is out of the way (and CampNaNoWriMo has been won!) I should have some time to get some new things posted.
There is also a side project that I am going to be working on but that will not interfere with this site, it is just an additional project I will be working on!

I am currently doing some training through work that gets me a step up on the career ladder, for that we have to arrange an event to gage what we have learnt over the course by showing higher takings than for the previous year. I of course will be using my Filofax to help me with this, I just need to work out what event I will be planning as the one I was hoping to run now can’t be run on the date I needed it to (we have a set date) as a key person is booked already. Now I need to work out what other event I can run on that day that will allow me to make a good impact on our customers and sales!

Do you organise events from your Filofax? What inserts do you use? Maybe you just use the basic ones, or perhaps you’ve found some that work really well for organising an event?


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Weary Wednesday

Today has been one of those days where you can’t wait until it is over and you never want to see it again. If that wasn’t bad enough I am over tired, achy and really want a curry, like oh so very badly.
I had to work today, which otherwise would have been my day off, and I worked a split shift so I had a double dose of washing up duty and heavy lifting. Luckily it’s not hard to “ignore” the horrible stuff going on around me and just get on with my work whilst I’m at work.

It’s not easy when you can’t even talk to your best friend, because he is part of the problem. I feel so alone and just want to move somewhere completely different and start over again completely, new country, new living accommodation, new people. But I can’t even do that as I have no way to move anywhere new.
I feel like I am on a road to no where and have no hope of working out what I want to do or be, I have a few random thoughts about things but no idea how to get any of them to become any form of reality, I just don’t know where to start. When you’re in a loop of doom and you can’t find the way out it is hard. I have tried to keep positive but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I don’t know what to do or what to stop doing that will help any more.

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Motivated March

March has arrived on the scene and brought with it a healthy dose of motivation, enthusiasm and drive for me.
I have somehow managed to gather several financial commitments this month, mobile upgrade charges, dental charges and website running costs to name but a few of the biggest. It’s not like I haven’t been working all the hours I possibly could either, it’s just that there is only so far the results of all that hard work will stretch!

Since I last posted anything a lot has been going on, November, December and then January were really busy months at work, not to mention the crazy NaNoWriMo challenge I set myself in November on top of work! I am not one for cold and wet weather especially when it also makes for dark and dreary skies, this has made it quite tough for me and I have been avoiding doing certain things such as going out, unless of course I absolutely HAVE to (e.g. work), my usual dressing, washing and laundry routines have become somewhat dubious and I must have had more emotional mood swings than a coach load of hormone ridden teenagers at a disco… But, just at the tail end of February, March waved its battle staff from the sidelines and gave its mightiest roar, warning me of its intent to make more than a few changes, it was showing me who is boss and it meant serious business.

Spurred on by the realisation that if I didn’t start making some changes NOW, in a years’ time everything was going to feel about ten times worse than it was right now, and that would not be good for anyone.

Back in September 2013, I purchased a Fitbit Flex to help encourage me to be more active everyday. For those of you that don’t know what a Fitbit is, it is a small device you can wear a number of different ways depending on the model you buy and it counts how many steps you take in a day. There are several other things it does but that is the basic way of getting you to understand what I am talking about, it’s a pedometer. The Flex is the model I bought and you wear it on your wrist like a watch, you can also get a model called “One” and it can be worn anywhere that you can clip it to – your waist band, belt, to the edge of your pocket, your bra, your sock… there are multiple options! There are also other brands that have similar products but I eventually opted for the Fitbit after going over all my options.
I really do like the challenge aspect of it, you set your daily goals, the default is 10,000 steps a day as that is the minimum recommended amount for the generic population as a whole (obviously there might be some people that this won’t apply to for whatever reason but for the “average” person this will be the minimum) that the PTB (Powers That Be) recommend. You can change this so the step value is either higher or lower, maybe start using it and realise you only do 2,000 steps a day then you can gradually start increasing your daily target so that over time you work up to 10,000 steps a day or more.
With the Flex, there are 5 lights on the wristband that each represent 2,000 steps – so if 1 of the 5 lights is lit up then you have done 2,000 steps (if 1 flashes then it means you are working on your first 2,000 steps) if 2 are lit up then you have done 4,000 steps, and so on until all 5 are lit up and you have done at least 10,000 steps – over this amount and it won’t show you more lights but will still count your steps until the time changes and a new day is started automatically. I have now set my daily step goal to 15,000 steps so each of the lights on my Flex is worth 3,000 steps. You could also have your goal set to burning a certain amount of calories a day or a certain distance walked, even the number of “active” minutes you have in a day if you wish.

Not only do you compete against yourself to beat your previous day’s steps, or even just competing with yourself to even hit your target, you can also add friends and compete against them for the highest amount of steps taken over the past 7 days.
You get “badges” for reaching milestones such as life time steps taken, miles walked, highest amount of steps in a day (this one seems to be activated when you go a large chunk above your previous highest daily steps which are likely to fall within certain boundaries).
You can also keep it on in bed and set it to “sleep” mode so it tracks your movement while you are sleeping (or not as mine usually shows), this allows you to see how long you’ve been in bed and how well you’ve slept or not.

On the downside, I have already had to replace the band that the little device sits in around your wrist as the original one started splitting, however I contacted Fitbit and they sent me out a replacement which arrived really quickly. Hopefully this second band will not fall apart so quickly.

I have joined a gym again, its been a while since I was a member of my previous gym so I’m looking forward to getting back to working out and seeing a bit more progress when I step on the scales with the weight loss rather than it all just being about my clothes no longer fitting me! :)

I will be aiming to strengthen my upper body, particularly arms, as I lift quite a lot of heavy things at work and I do not want to injure my rotator cuff again – or anything else for that matter as it really hurts and makes you have to have time off work and you are on restricted duties until the doctors give you the all clear again. Then it’s a case of getting used to lifting the heavy stuff again without injuring yourself!

I have been using my own personalised set up in my A5 Holborn zipped Filofax, which I use at home. I have also been using my Mini Metro Filofax on the go, with semi personalised Filofax pages in – I bought the mini Filofax week on 1 page inserts but they start on a Monday and I need them to start on a Sunday so I have used Tip-ex to go over the day/date on each page (up to March so far as I got BORED!!!) and have added the day and date but starting with Sunday at the top and finishing on Saturday so it fits in with the retail week!

My A5 pages are the Enhanced Time Management ones from Philofaxy but I edited them so that the week runs Sunday to Saturday instead and they are working so well for me. I am also using a month on one page opposite a section that I can write my estimated and actual work hours per week (we run on a 4 week pay system so it helps me know when I get paid, for what and how much). I have a section for what bills need to be paid, when and how much for (this is per month I’m talking, I have the same page opposite each month calendar page). There are several other boxes and areas on this page that I use to write in appointments or birthday’s and other notes, I decided on this set up as I was using Limetree’s pages in 2013 and found them really useful and loved the splash of colour but they weren’t quite set out for my needs at the time – she now has even more pages you can choose from as well so I could have used her amazing new selection of pages but didn’t as I was on a bit of a tight budget and also needed the pages printed up asap so I could start writing things in so I just went ahead and created some pages for myself in Word. I created several PDF files from the mail merged pages I made then put them all together in a big PDF. Once the PDF was assembled I filled up my printer tray with pale blue A5 paper and set the printer to print my PDF double-sided for me. A while later it had finished printing and the hole punching could commence! I was VERY glad I have my Rexel punch for this task as I would have taken so much longer and been crazily frustrated using the Filofax A5 punch or my Rapesco Diary punch!

I then put the pages into the Holborn and added some information that I already knew – January’s pay day and some bill due dates. I have been using my Coleto for this along with some Vball pens and occasionally a pencil.
I have not had many tasks or notes to enter on the right hand weekly pages but I am filling in the week pages with my work schedule (which never usually stays as I was originally put down to do, I seem to keep picking up extra shifts all over the place, which is really good, it helps to be able to SEE how the week is panning out and what events I have going on so if I do get asked to work it is easy for me to know what the answer is right away. I will be scheduling gym time into my weekly plans as well, that way I have time set aside for it so I am more likely to get up and do everything I need to for the day rather than if I just think “oh I’ll go to the gym now”.

I do need to work on a few more things that need to go in my Filofax – one of the main things are my goals for 2014 as I have put the title “Goals 2014″ in the middle of my page but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I don’t really know what I’m heading for at present and weirdly get the feeling I’m going to be in the dark for a while to come about it as well. I do know though, that I am in the right place work wise for now at least, which is a blessing, but past that your guess is as good as mine!
I start a training course nearer the end of March, which I know the dates for and topics but haven’t heard much more about yet. Despite being all signed up and raring to go on my part, I still have this weird feeling I’m not going to be doing the course which is really odd. Once the first training session is over I’m sure everything will be more solid and that weird feeling will be long gone.

Quite a mixed bag so far in 2014, I don’t like not knowing what is going on so once things become a little clearer (or maybe I make them clearer) I will hopefully feel a bit more settled in what’s happening.

More coming soon :)

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Kit and Planning for NaNoWriMo


For those of you that don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and the challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 (or 31) days of the particular month you are setting aside for the challenge. The main month for this is November but as an individual you can take any month you like and apply the same principles. For more information, or to sign up yourself just head over to

You may have noticed that at the top of this very website, there is in fact a new menu option for NaNoWriMo (which I will be calling NaNo for short) where I have put an initial post about my intention to take part in this years NaNo. I am hoping to add some pages under the NaNoWriMo menu option at the top, which will allow me to update my progress along the way. There is also the NaNo word count tracker, which I have set up in the side bar of the website (it is included in the main NaNo page as well) which will automatically update when I sync my word count on

There is a week, well as I type this, 6 days, in which anyone participating has left to plan their novel (if they so wish – some people start on the 1st of November without having planned and just start typing/writing). I have got to do some planning now that I have finally got my NaNo kit sorted. What is this kit that I am referring to? Well, for portability I am going to be using my iPad, as my netbook keeps over heating and my laptop is far too heavy to lug around, and is equally not so reliable. I have bought Pages from the App Store and have today acquired a bluetooth keyboard so I can easily type and see what I am typing and don’t have to use the on screen keyboard which would make typing a 50,000 word novel quite tough I think! I really like the keyboard I went for, it is the Logitech k810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard (or wireless keyboard as some websites call it).


It was more than the official Apple keyboard but it is fairly similar in design but can easily be switched between 3 devices (once paired with them – which is a simple as pushing the connect button on the bottom of the keyboard and selecting the device from my iPad’s Bluetooth settings menu. I will also be able to use it with my iPhone if I wish and my PC (which will be great as my current wireless keyboard and mouse will not last terribly much longer I fear as the receiver seems to frequently be pulled about and It will no doubt start getting a loose connection in the receiver part before too long, I have had it a good number of years now so its done a great job, only had to replace the mouse as I dropped something onto my desk accidentally and it hit the mouse and the mouse went flying and the left mouse button no longer clicked!).
So technology kit wise, I should be all set for NaNo.

The rest of my NaNo kit has not quite fully been gathered yet.

I have started jotting some things down in my A5 Pantone notebook, but I think things like character notes and chapter details etc. would be better on loose leaf paper so it can be moved around and added to, extra pages inserted and the like so I need to put together a Filofax (or similar ring binder) so I can start sorting that out ASAP.


The only problem with this is that I don’t quite know what to use! The main issue really is the size – how big do I want/need this binder to be? Will I have enough space if I use a Pocket sized Filofax, should I just go for A5 sized paper and binder or will I need A4 paper and in which case I will need to locate either one of the 4 ring binders or leaver arch folders I have (although I think the leaver arch option might be a bit too big…).
I could also really do with being able to easily obtain the paper to use for this – ideally it should be blue as I find it much easier to read from – and it should also not have to involve too much faffing around with the trimmer and hole punch, if any at all. For this reason, A5 and A4 are quite frankly the easiest options here, as I have a ream of A5 sky blue paper and a ream of A4 sky blue paper – neither are lined but I can easily sort that as I have a printer. If I ignore the blue paper, I have an Oxford pad that comes hole punched and will fit in an A5 Filofax or other A5 ring binder, so no having to use the trimmer or hole punch! I really wish there were more notepads available with coloured paper pages as there are enough people in the UK that are Dyslexic and/or have Irlen Syndrome, let alone just those that prefer to work on coloured paper!!!

Which leads me on to my other A4 choice – a Pukka Pad of “turquoise” lined and 4 hole punched refill paper.

It’s called turquoise but I wouldn’t have ever called it that if I was labelling it! It’s definitely blue, not quite just blue, definitely not the sky blue I would prefer but it is better than white without question! They do pads in other colours (Green, Lavender, Parrot, Rose and Gold) but the colour I find best is blue, but I would also try the Rose as its really the only pastel shade the others are quite bold.

So once I have sorted out the paper issue, there is the next, small, issue of which binder! I have a few A5 Filofax options, I would love to use a Pocket sized Filofax as I have a lovely little purple Finchley that needs to be put to use, or a Pink Opal, Wine Holborn or even my Crimson Malden, I equally have a selection of Personal sized Filofax that could do with being utilised… but my A5 ones are sort of already being used, so I would need to take stuff out and switch it up for November, which is totally do able, but makes it a puzzle! I feel like I would be better using one of the A5′s as they are large enough to write in easily and not as big and cumbersome as an A4 would be (when I’m trying to carry as little around with me as possible so I don’t cause my shoulder any more grief!). It would be great to be able to fit it in a Pocket sized one though, really small and pretty too!

I will be using my Pilot 0.5 Vballs to write with as they just flow, although I have attached the clip of my Parker Jotter biro to my Pantone notebook at present, the paper of that is light blue incidentally! I will also probably use a pencil and some colours to highlight things or mark them so they are clearly all about the same topic/part of the plot/character.

When I have made my decisions about the size and paper I can then get to the real bones of the planning. I think I know what I am going to be writing about but it needs to be planned out so I can see if there is enough of a story. I may have to rethink things if it seems there isn’t enough to write about, in which case I will need to come up with a new story very quickly or I will run out of time! I am not at work for the next two weeks after my shift on Saturday, although I have Jury Service, but I aim to write as much as I can during any periods of time when we are just sitting around waiting (which, if my previous Jury Service is anything to go by, will be most of the time – and yes I have been selected twice now!!!). This is why it was so important that I had a Bluetooth keyboard to use with my iPad, and time frame wise, it had to be now.

That’s all from me for now, I was only supposed to be typing a bit of an update to try out my new keyboard, so I have now done that and written an essay, which I don’t think is massively well written – I know I have been just following my “off at several tangents” thoughts so apologies if I lost most of you on the way, well done if you have managed to either make it or skip to read this bit!
So for now, I need some beauty sleep before my shift at work, which includes a kids Halloween party – that I have to dress up for and be somewhat alert! Should be interesting!
If you are taking part in NaNo or have any suggestions for me about the rest of my kit, especially if you think there is anything I have missed out that will be vitally important, please let me know in the comments section below!

Au revoir


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My Filofax – All Change!

I have recently been suffering from extreme shoulder and arm pain, also affecting my neck muscles at times as well. So I made the decision to try and use my mini Metropol Filofax on the go and then use my A5 zipped Holborn again at home, instead of my VERY stuffed and rather solid, brick like personal Malden!



This will mean that EVERYTHING will be entered into my A5 and then every week all the weeks appointments get transferred to the weekly pages (the month on 2 pages will be updated as well if necessary) then each evening I will look at both and transfer any thing new from and to each.


In my A5, I am back to the week on 2 pages enhanced time management view which I really love! They are the ones from Philofaxy although I have customised them and printed them to light blue A5 paper.


I am also still using (and loving) LimeTree’s month on 2 pages as they are fun, colourful and I have been finding them really useful for keeping track of my months. I am eagerly anticipating the release of the 2014 ones so I can get them into my planner ready!

A quick look at my mini pages:


These are the month on 2 pages I did by hand (I realised using an A5 sheet of paper will give me 4 mini sized pages, well they are actually just A7 but fit ok into the Metropol so I left them a little big!).
I also made some column pages that give me a bit of space to write in for each day. A week goes across 4 sides of paper and if you fold the middle page in half when you get past Tuesday (the Tuesday/Wednesday columns) you can see the “This Week” column all week :)


I would love to have these pages printed up but I don’t know how I will manage them, seeing as the weekly pages are pretty simple it almost seems silly to. But we shall see, I will draw the page divisions in ink if its working but as this was the first attempt I have left them in pencil.

The silver writing utensil in the pen loop is actually a Parker Pencil. I could do with a smaller (less pointy on the end) pencil but my favourite Staedtler Mars Micro 0.7 is a bit longer (although it might not be quite so sharp and therefore dangerous as my friend found the Parker one to be on Wednesday as I accidentally managed to scratch her arm as I was holding my closed Filofax with pencil in loop and trying to get something out of my bag! Oops!).

I’m not really going to be using my mini as a wallet as I am using a simple coin purse at present. However I am storing some cards in the few slots that I occasionally need while I’m out.

Do you have and use a mini Filofax for your portable organiser rather than just a wallet? What inserts do you find work for you? Are the generic week on 2 page ones that come in the mini from Filofax spacious enough for you or do you put in other pages instead/as well?
Do you have or would you like to use a mini but can’t because of the page size? What would make you able to use it?

I am really on the hunt for more ideas for using the mini as my on the go organiser, I have been viewing several YouTube videos but most of them seem to use the mini as a wallet and those that have diary pages just have the standard week on 2 pages in them but they have only just started using them so they have not said how well they work! Maybe I have missed a video or blog?

What are your thought, let me know in the comments! :)

S x

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Tracking Health – Filofax & Fitbit or Filofax & Pulse?

Since I started my new job at the pub I have been losing weight – without even really trying to. I don’t know how much I weighed when I started but I do know that in the last month I have lost over a stone. I know I had already lost quite a bit as you could already tell in my face and from my slimmer tummy that I had. I wish I knew what I weighed prior to starting working there!

I have been using My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone for the past month but I am hoping to incorporate either a weight-loss section or add a space for recording things to my current pages.

I think I need to start writing down what I am eating in my Filofax as well as having it in my app as I can see clearly when things are in front of me on paper, without having to flick between different pages of the app and not being able to see both pages at a time. I also am hoping to add new gadgets to my arsenal so that I can collect more data about myself.

I would like to get either a Fitbit Flex or a Withings Pulse – at some point I would also like to add a set of scales as well and both companies do scales that update to your Fitbit or Withings account wirelessly which is ideal for me.

With all this in mind, it might be time for me to reconsider the Filofax I am using whilst working out which companies products to go for what with the additional things I will be writing in my organiser, I am not sure I will have enough room in my current Personal Malden. The other option of course, it that I use a Filofax purely for the recording of my fitness items, but then it won’t necessarily be always  with me. This want for changing my organiser has been brewing for the past few weeks, I have been missing the A5 size page, my A5 Holborn has been sitting patiently waiting for me to start reusing him but work wise I don’t really have a need to use him as I am just writing down my shifts and other appointment/plans rather than having to plan out things for work.

I could equally start using the A5 purple Malden I purchased nearly a year ago and havent really started using yet, I printed off Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Incredible workbook and planner but haven’t yet sat down and filled it in! (Yes, yes, I know I should – it will help me workout some actual plans for my job situation and other such necessities but I’ve been procrastinating!) Maybe if I add my Health tracking to the A5 Malden I will make progress with both, as I am already so motivated with my weight-loss, seeing the weight drop off has made me even more determined to make the number smaller and smaller and my tummy get smaller and smaller!

I am currently waiting for a delivery from Studio L2E with a “Plan It” stamp set I ordered a few weeks ago, which will help as it has water tracking glasses on it and other little symbols that will be useful for adding check boxes or appointments or weigh-in data to my pages. Having looked again at their website today, I think I should have also ordered the Rate It set as well! Ah well, maybe next time! I have even been thinking that perhaps the Dodo Accapad A5 might be the thing to sort me out? Then I can have a column for Work, Scouts, Health Stuff, FlyLady and whatever else?

I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas as well, I think I might need to make some custom pages at some point but that will have to wait for a while as I have still got to play around with the Teacher’s Organiser Pages as the extra lesson section is not quite as straight forward as I thought it would be and I am really busy at work at present, even more so over the next two weeks or so as my boss is away and I will be playing assistant deputy manager and kitchen assistant while my boss and her partner are away. I have today off and so far it has been spent moving a whole pile of things to locate an item, then putting the entire pile of things back, making sure I have eaten, showered and am dressed before going to my meeting tonight. Ideas are flying around my head and I really wish I had a Fitbit or Pulse device already as I would have been enthusiastic to see how many calories and steps I have taken already today just by the chaos that has been happening since I got out of bed! Alas, I haven’t got one and there is another 9 days until pay day, so unless someone fancies sending me one to review, I get some money or someone buys me one I am going to have to wait impatiently, whilst deciding on one or the other, until next Friday!

What are your thoughts? Do you have a Fitbit Flex or a Withings Pulse? What do you like/dislike about them? How do you keep track of your health/fitness in your Filofax or am I alone in wanting to do this?!? Let me know, just comment below! :)




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Teacher Planning Pages Format & Show Me Your Pages!

Teacher Planning Pages Format

I have had quite a bit of feedback lately from Teachers who have more lessons per day and would like to use my pages for their planning. It would therefore seem a good idea for me to make some variations on my basic 5 lesson planning pages available for others to print and use in their Filofax or other chosen binder for this coming school year.

How Many Lessons A Day Do You Have?

How Many Lessons A Day Do You Have?

For this to happen I need your help! I have created a poll – which should be on the right side of my blog at the top, above recent posts and comments sections. If you would be so kind as to let me know how many lessons you have per day, by lessons I mean how many timetabled sessions your school has during the day, so for my current pages the school would have 5 teaching sessions per day, this does not include breaks, lunch times or after school clubs/activities as there is a section for those on the right hand page.

It might be that for those of you with 9 or 10 lesson days that an extra page needs to be included or the area available to write in your lesson pans will be really small! Anyway, if you could please vote in the poll to the right of this post that would help me work out what to do to format the pages best for other users. If you select “Other” from the option menu, please leave me a comment below this post to let me know how many lessons a day you have!

I can then get the appropriate layouts together so you can print them off, hole punch them and put them in your Filofax ready for the new school year!

Show Me Your Pages!

I would also love to see how you have been using my pages for your planning in your Filofax (or other binder system), for those of you on Twitter you could tweet me a picture @jarfmdotcom or you could leave a link to your pictures in the comments section below or email me: teacher [at] jarfm [dot] com

I look forward to seeing your pages!

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Sadness and Blues

Today I finally found out I did not get the job I interviewed for last Friday. I cannot even tell you how gutted I was to not get the job. Those of you that read my last post will know that I only recently started a new job. However, the job is only part time and I really need to find myself a full time job so I can move.


I really need to find myself somewhere to move to before I go even more crazy where I currently am. I cannot cook properly (and therefore eat properly), sit at a chair or do much else without trouble (trouble being either it being tricky or I get moaned at). I have had enough of trying to live in such conditions and for my own health and safety, need to move out ASAP.
The trouble in the area I currently live is that even to rent a basic 1 bedroom flat (if you can find one) you need to pay at least £600 a month and on the hours I currently do, there is no way that I can afford that let alone any bills or food on top.

I have been looking for a long while at moving back to where I was at university, this interview was for a great job doing something I am very capable of doing. If I was not perfect for the job, I do not know what they were looking for.
This has, however, made me even more determined to get out of my current “hole” and follow my heart, as I have dreamed of nothing more since I left to do my teacher training 6 years ago.

I started 2013 by writing a list of goals in my A5 Holborn Filofax, some of these I have managed to achieve already, others are still waiting to be accomplished. I think I also need to redefine some of these and add a few more specific goals too.
Therefore, over the weekend, I am going to review what I have written and work out how to honour what I have achieved whilst having a clear idea of what still needs to be done.

I am going to use my A5 Filofax for this as there is more space available to me. I am wondering if anyone else does something similar and can offer me some advice/tips? I’m not sure I want more specific time scales attached to my planning other than during 2013 as I’m sure that will lead to more “stinking thinking” as FlyLady puts it!

So, fellow bloggers, planners, organisers, Filofax lovers and spiritual folk, comment or link some tips/suggestions/ideas that you feel I can use to help me on my quest for setting the work/moving wheels in the right direction using my Filofax.

A little bit lost, SazD

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