Dissertation Topic Area Sorted

Research Papers

The Dissertation I am currently doing my masters dissertation, I have to write a 15,000 word research paper on a topic in an area of my choice related to my masters degree course (MSc Information Security & Digital Forensics). Although the word count isn’t too bad, I have written more in a month for NaNoWriMo, the searching for and reading existing research papers on and around the topic area is a large task, especially when you have chosen a topic that is still in its infancy. I also have to…

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New Project #1 RPi

This morning one of the pieces of my new project arrived: Some of will probably know what this is without much need for an introduction, but for the rest of you that don’t, it is a Filofax Finsbury. It is an A5 one in Raspberry… She doesn’t quite lay flat just yet but that is something we will be working on during the training phase of the project 🙂 So, what is this project and what is the training phase all about? I am eagerly awaiting for my Raspberry Pi…

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Geek and Proud!

I was just commenting on a post called “Why won’t girls code?” and as I have seen, and been angered by a lot of similar items lately I thought it was about time I posted my own opinion on the matter. I will also explain how I started on my path. So, ready for the mammoth post…? I may have mainly posted about the good old paper based Filofax so far on my website, but I am a technology geek, my love of computers started way back when I was…

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