Project: Move – Part One

Project: Move - Part One

Moving, for me, has always been a complete nightmare. My family had never moved house before, so when it came to me leaving home for the first time to head to university half way up the country, I had no idea of the best way or resources to use to pack my kit up. This equally made moving between student accommodation each year a complete pain in the butt! I have learnt a lot about how not to do it since that first move back in 2001! When I arrived…

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Weary Wednesday

Today has been one of those days where you can’t wait until it is over and you never want to see it again. If that wasn’t bad enough I am over tired, achy and really want a curry, like oh so very badly. I had to work today, which otherwise would have been my day off, and I worked a split shift so I had a double dose of washing up duty and heavy lifting. Luckily it’s not hard to “ignore” the horrible stuff going on around me and just…

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Sadness and Blues

Today I finally found out I did not get the job I interviewed for last Friday. I cannot even tell you how gutted I was to not get the job. Those of you that read my last post will know that I only recently started a new job. However, the job is only part time and I really need to find myself a full time job so I can move. I really need to find myself somewhere to move to before I go even more crazy where I currently am.…

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