Back To Uni?


It’s the start of a new term, maybe even a brand new start all together if your course starts this term! So what have you learnt so far that you will be trying to do more of or better than last term or less of than last term? For me, it is the start of my dissertation term. This time last year I was packing my stuff up at home between hospital visits to check in on my Dad after his heart attack, in preparation for moving back to campus…

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Planning A Return To University – Stationery Haul Part 1

I have wanted to return to university to complete more studying for a long while now but I have not been able to because of the finance side of it. Well that doesn’t need to be so much of a problem now because they are finally introducing Postgraduate Student Loans here in the UK which work in a similar way to the current Undergraduate Student Loans that the UK already have. I can’t however apply for one just yet as they are not being introduced until the end of June…

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Post-it’s and Page Flags in my Filofax

Just a quick look at how I use sticky notes and flags in my Filofax! Flags are used to put chores on the page of my current week and I remove them when they are done and put back on my page marker for use next week. Post-it’s can be found all over in my Filofax, I use them for anything really! Like here I have used them for adding up projected then completed hours at work or for making notes during my French session in my Rosetta Stone software…

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