Project: Move – Part One

Project: Move - Part One

Moving, for me, has always been a complete nightmare. My family had never moved house before, so when it came to me leaving home for the first time to head to university half way up the country, I had no idea of the best way or resources to use to pack my kit up. This equally made moving between student accommodation each year a complete pain in the butt! I have learnt a lot about how not to do it since that first move back in 2001! When I arrived…

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Dissertation Essential Kit


Project Organisation – Digital Paperwork Using Dropbox And Zotero One of the biggest things when doing a project is keeping everything organised, especially when you have collected a wide variety of resources from several different places. Most of the resources I am using for my dissertation are in PDF format as they are research papers rather than books, so I have a specific folder on my Dropbox account where I save any articles to that I come across in my initial searching. I make sure I rename the file to…

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Planning A Return To University – Stationery Haul Part 1

I have wanted to return to university to complete more studying for a long while now but I have not been able to because of the finance side of it. Well that doesn’t need to be so much of a problem now because they are finally introducing Postgraduate Student Loans here in the UK which work in a similar way to the current Undergraduate Student Loans that the UK already have. I can’t however apply for one just yet as they are not being introduced until the end of June…

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