A5 pages in my personal are annoying

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So last week I put some A5 pages I’d made into my personal (punched along the top short edge and folded) so I could write more on the pages.

Turns out I don’t like this and it looks messy. Am also not sure if I like the week to view with dpp in between, mainly because there are 7 days in a week but that needs 8 sides of paper and therefore one of next weeks days is not where it should be. For this reason I might resort to a month overview on 2 pages and the daily pages behind it, although that does then leave me with a blank front and back of the month pages. Seems I need my own template for this so it prints out everything in the right place and the day pages can then go on the back of the month pages in the right order.

I don’t however have a clue as to how this would be set up and quite frankly my head hurts just thinking about it! Maybe this won’t work either, I just am trying several different ideas at the moment to get something that will work better than the generic wpv that came with my Filofax and is not quite as cramped (on the box page) as the Dodo Pad. I really love the Dodo Pad – I think its great because of the colours and quips but i just really don’t get on with the small boxes as I can’t easily fit my huge writing in!
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5 Thoughts to “A5 pages in my personal are annoying”

  1. Helen Conway

    I wonder if my setup or a similar version of it would work for you? I have a tabbed monthly overview, then behind a seperate divider week on two pages ( currently the fun olympic version) and then another divider with day per two page. Using two today rulers means I can easily switch between week and day and this enables long, medium and short range planning.

    1. SazD

      Sounds like more fun things for me to try πŸ™‚
      I definitely need to get some stick post-it tabs to help identify the sections so they are tabbed like you mentioned yours are and I have thought of getting an additional ruler as well so I might actually do that soon!
      Thank you for your suggestions πŸ™‚

  2. I wonder if this might help at all? http://philofaxy.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/can-i-fit-a5-page-in-to-my-personal.html

    Also, there are lots of personal sized templates on the Files page.

    1. SazD

      I hadn’t seen that Philofaxy post! Had pretty much come to the same conclusion so it’s a shame I hadn’t seen it earlier!

      I have played around with most of the templates on Philofaxy and I tried the A5 because I wanted a bit more writing space. But I think I really just need to have the “right” setup and all will be fine! Well maybe! Lol!

      With my current setup (see newer posts) I am getting on much better, but as everything is still in its early stages in the personal size I’m sure it will develop!

      I originally had issues with my old A5 (that I can’t find) because I couldn’t get the pages I wanted and now my current one is too heavy to carry around so we will see what happens! πŸ™‚

      Are there any personal sized pages you really like?

  3. dpp? wpv? I’m lost, am loving reading about all this organising stuff Saz (I just use an A5 leather bound week to 2 pages book from WH Smith) and I know things could be more efficient but its a lot of work when I’ve got 7 months left before I need a new one πŸ™

    Dumb things down for us non-stationer geeks please.
    Acronym and Abbv tags for the win!

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