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Well it’s been a few days of using my new set up of a month overview (on 2 pages) with day per page behind it followed by the next month etc. behind that. So far so good! I am really liking how I can see my day in front of me so I know what I need to do when. I have mainly been writing my brief lesson plans for the day time hours but have written in when I am supposed to be packing up to go home, learning French and even going to bed. It has made more of a routine of my day even though everyday is somewhat different!

20120517-094711 PM.jpg

Ticking each thing off as it is done also makes it obvious to my head how much I have achieved so I am more motivated to try and get the rest of the day ticked off as well!

Maybe I should start giving myself stickers at the end of each day I have done everything I had down to do that day! Well, who doesn’t like being a kid again and getting a sticker?!? Lol!

What motivates you to get your items done? Maybe you have a suggestion that will really motivate me? Feel free to share your ideas 🙂

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One Thought to “Filofax Inserts Update”

  1. The payment at the end is usually makes for good enthusiasm, also knowing that the next project will be different therefore interesting.

    As for personal and scouting stuff well it doesn’t matter if I put that off a bit because usually by the time I do its time for a new to-do list that has some of the old jobs and a whole bunch of new ones.

    Although its sad how infrequently my A4 long term personal master plan gets updated. 🙁 Although reading these posts has given me a bit of enthusiasm. Guess I leach of other peoples efforts. 🙂

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