New Teacher Planning Pages For Primary Teachers

One of my close friends started her NQT year as a Year 5 Primary Teacher this week so, while I was visiting her neck of the woods last week, I asked her about lesson planning. I realised that the pages I created in the past were more suited to Secondary School Teachers, although they obviously can still be used by Primary Teachers they were not quite as helpful as they could be.

So with this in mind, and after looking through the medium term plans and year plans she showed me, I came up with a format that is hopefully better suited to Primary Teachers.
I haven’t added term dates in this one, partly because it’s a bit of a trial to see if it works for people and partly because there are so many different term dates across the UK I decided to worry about that later despite the inner perfectionist moaning at me about it! Maybe they could be done in blocks of 6 weeks or something, if that’s a standard amount of time anyone sticks to across the country!?

I am going to see what I can do about adding dates and also creating a 2014-2015 dated version of the original planner pages I came up with as they were quite popular before. I have also had some thoughts on how to accommodate different amounts of lessons in the pages so hopefully that will work out and I will be able to upload a few different options for you.

I haven’t created any for the last academic year because I have been working in a pub rather than a classroom (not being sure what I should be doing with myself job wise), along with working odd hours, creating some teaching related files didn’t exactly come near the top of my to do list.

Any how, the files can be found on the Files page. The file is a PDF so it can be printed out straight to A4 paper or A5 paper then hole punched. It is set to be printed double sided so either use a printer with an auto duplex feature, booklet print it or manually print the odd then even pages (which ever way works out for you).

Let me know how you get on with them, if I have missed something that would be a useful addition let me know or what I have included that doesn’t need to be on them if that is the case!

Have a great start of term! šŸ™‚


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