Post-it’s and Page Flags in my Filofax

Just a quick look at how I use sticky notes and flags in my Filofax!

Flags are used to put chores on the page of my current week and I remove them when they are done and put back on my page marker for use next week.


Post-it’s can be found all over in my Filofax, I use them for anything really! Like here I have used them for adding up projected then completed hours at work or for making notes during my French session in my Rosetta Stone software (see picture below). I will then stick them some place else to keep but they can be moved about so I see them daily until they are in my head.


You can just about make out the menu prep page I attempted behind all the post-it’s. I’ve not been massively successful with it yet – I decided on meals, bought, prepped and froze them all as necessary but haven’t really been very good with getting them out of the freezer to defrost the night before and also found if you freeze homemade chips then defrost them they turn black (but are amazing if you cook them straight from frozen!) bit of work needed on that. Although it could be due to my living arrangements – perhaps if I was somewhere of my own then it would work out. 🙂



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2 Thoughts to “Post-it’s and Page Flags in my Filofax”

  1. Kel

    Hi! If you ever decide to sell that lovely A5 Holborn Zip, please let me know: I’m on the lookout for one in the UK hehe 😉

    1. It is my most favourite Filofax so there is very little chance of me selling it 🙂
      I would really love Filofax to bring them back, especially the wine colour ones as they are so lovely.
      I hope you find one but I guess if people have one then they probably love theirs as much as I love mine!

      Why not post an advert on Philofaxy’s adspot?

      Let me know if you find one 🙂

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