It’s National Stationery Week!

It is National Stationery Week so to celebrate all things Stationery I thought I would list some of my favourites!

For some great deals this week head over to Amazon and see what you can treat yourself to! Yes I know, I’m such and enabler right!?

These PaperMate retractable pens are pretty cool, I’ve been using the regular black ComfortMate ones but I like the look of this pack, they also have a pack of 20 of the Black InkJoy ones which I could use at work.

I love the Oxford Campus range of notebooks, the paper is seriously smooth and feels lovely to touch let alone write on, I have a thing for A5 sized paper but I also have some of these A4 ones!

Bic pencils are a necessity for me, at work they are great to have on hand when doing the rota as you can easily change things and you don’t have to worry about finding a pencil sharpener or eraser. However when my Staedtler Noris pencils need a sharpen, I use a Staedtler metal 2 hole pencil sharpener as my personal go to, and the Staedtler Mars plastic eraser is the best eraser I have used.

How about being able to write on some lined blue paper? I find I can work better on blue paper, light blue in preference, I haven’t got any of this stuff yet but it is on my wishlist, I just wish I could get some pale blue lined paper that isn’t the Filofax own brand in A5 as well (and preferably pre punched to fit in my Filofax) as the Filofax stuff works out so expensive. Love my Filofax – my favourite in the range are the Holborn in wine which are very hard to find now but the other colours are just as lovely leather, I love my zipped Holborn A5 in wine 🙂

If you love writing with a fountain pen, then this Waterman Hemisphere in stainless steel with a chrome trim is an amazing pen. I have one myself and I just love writing with it, it is very smooth and although fairly heavy it just seems to float across the page.

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