A5 zipped Holborn ordered…

Oh dear indeed. I have been looking over the A5 Filofax for a while now. Bearing in mind I already own an A5 zipped Lyndhurst which I have used a bit but it’s so heavy so I switched to my personal Songbird.
I have been using it as my planner for work, so I know what I am teaching all my classes but it’s not quite big enough to write much in for that particular purpose. I have been particularly eyeing up the A5 purple Malden and the A5 zipped Holborn in wine. Well today, after seeing an A5 zipped Holborn set up and it made think of a teacher planner I had my mind made up (well that and City Organiser had no stock in of the purple A5 Maldens… and the Holborn was cheaper!) and I have now ordered the A5 zipped Holborn in wine!

As soon as it arrives there will be pictures! Today I printed off June and July DPP (Day Per Page) and M2V (Month To View) ready, they just need hole punching and a priority square needs to be made and printed for my to do list.

One could say I am a little excited!!! πŸ˜€

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7 Thoughts to “A5 zipped Holborn ordered…”

  1. Don’t suppose you want to link the words Songbird, Lyndhurst, Malden and Holborn to pictures so I can actually know what you are talking about?

    Thanks for the acronyms though. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Angel Jem

    Where did you see the A5 Holborn set up? I have one as a teacher planner to set up properly this summer. What are you putting in it? Where are you getting your inserts?

    1. SazD

      The set up I saw was here on LJ’s blog

      It’s Not set up as a teachers planner but the 2nd picture on the blog made me think of it on my desk at school and I knew then that’s what I should order and set up for my teaching!

      I had already been using my personal size Songbird as my teachers planner and general Filofax for everything but there wasn’t enough room to write lesson things in, particularly homework that’s been set! So I decided to move back to A5 but in a different Filofax as my Lyndhurst is so heavy – even empty! I am going to do a post about my Holborn set up as soon as I can – I know there are a few people eagerly awaiting the post as well! Any questions about things, please just ask πŸ™‚

      Oh and I have so far made and printed my own inserts for it, although was fairly easy it would have been easier if my printer (that I’d purchased with doing this in mind) actually automatically double side printed on to A5!!! It only does duplexes A4. So I am now looking for a printer that auto duplexes on A5 and A4 – one of them even does A3 so I’m hoping it does A5 as well (yet to be confirmed)!

  3. LJ

    Looking forward to see the Wine one – congratulations!!!


  4. SSA

    HI I also use an A5 holborn zipped as a teacher filo. i love that its zipped and can almost use it as a bag when i am going on breaks etc, phone can go in, key card etc and it all safely zipped inside! i love it and im sure you will too!! great large ring size too…

  5. SazD

    SSA, do you have any pictures of the set up? πŸ™‚

  6. janni

    Do you have a hole punch that does more than 3 sheets of paper? A full year could take a while to punch!

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