Pocket Filofax Insert Suggestions Please!

I am waiting on a second delivery now as well as the Holborn! I have found a pocket so I need to prepare my pages in anticipation!

Having never used a pocket Filofax before I need some suggestions for pages to use in them, I have been watching YouTube videos and have read posts but there is so much to take in!

What pocket pages do you find most useful? What would would be your dream pocket size insert and why?

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3 Thoughts to “Pocket Filofax Insert Suggestions Please!”

  1. Hi!

    I use a pocket with a ‘week on one page plus notes’ diary insert. For busy days, I pop in a daily one. I use blank and lined paper, financial paper and I use quite a few different DIY inserts that I’ve made myself. If you check out my post below, you’ll see my DIY templates. If you want me to email you any (you can change the heading names in the columns if they don’t suit), let me know!


    As for dream pocket inserts, hmmmmm… I’ll have to think about that one!

    1. SazD

      I like the idea of a week on one page but I’m wondering randomly if I actually should have a day2page in my pocket as well (but only a months at a time!) I want the month2view definitely as I have decided I like seeing the entire month at a glance – it’s easier than having to flip pages!

      If I do go d2p though it will just be blank (maybe lines) but no times as that would be really restrictive. Like you mention in your pocket Chameleon post you have a dashboard with your shopping list on, I have been doing something similar but with a to do list, although I did put a lovely picture at the front of my personal (in front of the to do list!) to make me smile!

      I am heading up to London Friday (technically today now!) and will look in City Organiser as well as Paperchase to see what I can find in there! 🙂

      Someone is rather excited!!!

  2. Doris

    Hi, aside from the Finance and Diary inserts, I use regular lined and plain paper in most of my sections. This gives me the flexibility to use them as I need. I will hand-draw sheets I need (lines for checklists, boxes for shopping list categories, etc.) when needed. I’m sure others will chime in with their templates like Lucy. I just find it easier to just draw lines myself. I spend too much time on the computer as it is. (:

    Enjoy your new Pocket!

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