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One of my fellow students introduced me to his Amazon Echo Show last year, he is from California so it had already been released there so he brought it with him when he came to the UK in September for his masters. Being rather an Apple addict I was like, yeah but that’s what Siri can do and it is just like my iPad really but with the screen on and plugged in all the time. I realise now that it is not the same, sure it has some similar aspects but I like the fact that it is not my iPad and it can show me photos like my digital photo frame can but it can also show me a lot of other things as well – and the screen dims at night so it doesn’t disturb you.

He has one of these:

When they finally released them here in the UK I really wanted to get myself one, and before Christmas they were on special offer so I really wish I had got one then (I was not able to as I had just moved and needed things for my flat so I ended up not getting one). Now they are obviously back up at regular price, which is still not that back considering what they can do.

Well this week I received an email about the brand new Echo Spot that is due for release on Wednesday 24th January 2018 – it is just so cute! So now I’m wondering if I should just get one of those as they are cheaper and still do all the things their bigger sibling can do but take up less space.

This is the new Echo Spot, how cute does it look???

I was looking at the specs to see the differences and the Echo Spot can also connect via a headphone jack rather than just bluetooth – so I could plug-in non bluetooth devices and it could play the music from them. They also do video calling and now I am kicking myself for not getting one because I could have got one for my Parents and one for me and we could be video calling on it while I am away at uni! Sure I could Skype them but I would need to arrange for them to have the laptop on, with one of the Echo devices, either Echo Show or Echo Spot, I could call them like I was just calling them on my phone and they would just need to answer the call, no getting out the laptop and plugging it in because the battery is dead. Plus, if I got them to install it in the lounge, my Dad could be part of the call from the start rather than just my Mum being there! Sounds like a winning plan to me!

Once I have paid my rent, I am going to see if I have enough left over to get myself one, then once I have it figured out, I will buy one for my Parents and get it delivered there. Has to be done that way or they’ll be asking me how to use it and I’ll be like “erm, hang on, let me just check…” and that will be a long phone call!

I visited one of my friends in the Midlands last weekend, he has a Google Home Mini, now while it was cute and did what he asked it to, mostly, it just didn’t have the appeal of the Echo Spot or Echo Show due to the lack of a screen.

Now, if Apple brought out one with a screen, I would probably first of all need a lottery win, then I would probably get one, however Siri really doesn’t seem to like me a lot of the time! I’m not sure if I would have the same with Alexa or Google but it would certainly cost me a lot less, and with the Alexa option, I could at least still have photos on display and the weather, and with an Apple version, there is no way I could also get my Parents one unless I had one a LOT!

The Echo Spot, like its bigger sibling, comes in black or white so it can match the room you are putting it in – or I guess stand out if that’s what you are going for! Amazon is definitely all over the automated home solutions as well, you can control the lights, temperature or even your Smart TV with just your voice! Think we should get one of these for my Brother’s room, and set it up so that when he is snoring, Alexa can turn off his light and TV – think of all the money that will save on the electricity bill!

Have you got an Echo Show or one have you ordered one of the new Echo Spots already? How much do you love it?
Do you also have an iPhone? Can Alexa understand you better than Siri – or am I the only one with voice recognition issues?? Let me know in the comments below!

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