It’s Been A Year! Planning and Printer Update!

I have been away from my blog for a year now 🙁 partly because my desktop computer broke and partly because work has got in the way. During the past year, I have been promoted at work, been bitten by a dog on my first official day of my promotion whilst at work, worked at several different pubs in my area and ran one outside of my area for 10 days. Had my hours reduced so much that I had to go back to doing some supply teaching, and then ended up back at a pub that I didn’t want to be permanent at when work tried to put me there in the summer. To say it has been a bit of a crazy but rubbish year is probably a bit of an understatement. There were a few good things that have happened over the last year, but somehow or another they have had a sad side.
Back in November (literally half way through me doing NaNoWriMo!) I finally got myself a new laptop, sadly that did nothing for my NaNo apart from making me incredibly distracted! I was back teaching full time on maternity cover from September, so until mid December I was full on busy with all of that. I was still working at the pub until mid October as well!
Mid December hit and I ended up working at another pub but still in the same company and was so busy over the festive season and into 2016 that I haven’t really had much time to do anything but work and sleep.

In February I got some sad news that my Aunt (my Dad’s sister) was not well and was in hospital, by the end of February she had passed away. 🙁
I have grown up around my Dad’s side of the family, although I haven’t really seen many of my relatives much recently (apart from at several funerals over the years and a few more happy party occasions), but her passing has somehow hit me in a strange way and I have become very aware of how short life really is.

I have not been feeling happy at work, I am not really using my brain to its full potential so thoughts have once again made me think about returning to uni or at least getting a job doing something I am good at and that will use my brain!
I keep reading posts on the Philofaxy group on Facebook about planner setups (particularly when they mention how they keep track of their studies!) and seeing all the pictures and I feel frustrated that I am not using my Filofax as much as I was or would like to. I am trying to be organised but am not doing it in the way that I know gets me organised! Silly!

That being said, this year alone I have used two different sizes of Filofax (personal and A5) and I have also tried some new pages from what I had last year.

Filofax Limited Edition Personal Pages
Filofax Limited Edition Personal Pages in my zipped black Holborn.
The Day to a page A5 inserts I downloaded and edited slightly from Philofaxy before printing to pale blue paper, punching and putting in my A5 red Metropol.
Paperchase A5 week on one page inserts that I thought I could try. They are on white paper!









Yesterday I decided I needed to print month to view pages so I could see what is going on easily each month, I haven’t printed any pages yet as I didn’t know if I should stick to the Sunday – Saturday weeks that I’ve now been using for a couple of years, or if I should change back to Monday – Sunday weeks. The reason I have been in Sunday – Saturday weeks is because the company I am working for runs Sunday – Saturday so all my rotas are Sunday to Saturday, however, this company as been taken over and the new company runs their weeks Monday to Sunday and we have already gone over to their weeks apart from on our rotas (which will be changing at some point this year). In addition, if I either go back to uni or get a job in a different sector than I am currently in, because I am in the UK the chances are that I will be on a Monday – Sunday week system again. That doesn’t mean I can’t use a Sunday to Saturday system though because primarily both new work and uni would mainly use the weekdays (work, might have the occasional weekend thing) but it will not have a rota system like I currently do, which is why I switched to Sunday – Saturday in the first place, which means I don’t have a blank for the following week when the rota hasn’t been done yet.

If you followed all that well done!

Being quite a picky, OCD, perfectionist in many respects, I don’t want to print out the month pages then need the opposite of what I have printed!

I have thought about the possibility of only printing a few months in advance, that way I can write in and keep track of enough things to keep me organised but not too many just in case I get that new job within the next few months and can then print out the rest of the months how I need them for the new job if different. Seems like a good plan, but me being me, I am procrastinating doing that because I would really like to print out the rest of the year all at the same time!

I could draw out my month squares for the time being, or print them with no days or dates in I guess? Or is a vertical month more practical? Everything is so up in the air I feel like I’m planning paralysed at the moment.

How do you decide what week system to use? Did you need to make the choice or was the choice made for you based on things like where you live, what’s available to you or something else?

On the plus side, I have now got a printer that will auto duplex A5 pages!!! It is a model or 2 different from the one I already had, so it still prints to A3 and has an A4 scanner unit, but it is a wifi one and will auto duplex! It is a Brother MFC-J5910DW and I got it for about £100 at the time. The ink for it is pretty awesome too, it lets you print in black and white if you run out of colours and you can get the high-yield inks that last me ages. So when I do finally decide what to do about my month pages I can easily print them out double-sided if I want to without having to do anything myself – the printer just does it all for me! Although, I printed them last year in month packets so I had my weekly pages with the moth pages at the front and all of the months pages were printed double-sided, as I have day to a page pages at the moment, I will probably have to print the month pages single sided so you can see the month to view on the right side with my month tasks page on the left side of my Filofax and then put them between the individual pages rather than all together at the front.

For now, I need to go and fill in another application form, well not the whole of it at least, just the important bit of why I should be considered for the job! 😀


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