On this page you can find a selection of files that have been created or adapted by with help from a variety of others around the globe.

Files Now Available Again

Undated Teacher Planner Pages

  • Primary Teacher Planner Pages: Undated PDF
  • Blank Teacher Planner Pages (add the date yourself!) – PDF

FlyLady pages for you to print

As requested, here is a copy of my FlyLady pages I created for my Filofax. I have linked the Word document as it doesn’t like the border when I try to create the PDF version. I scaled it to A4 so you can print it on whichever page size you need as the original page was set to A5 as I printed it straight to A5 paper so it might look a little different from the pictures of my pages.

FlyLady 11 Commandments and 31 Baby Steps

Merging Planner Pages Tutorial
Merging an Excel File and a Diary File Tutorial

6 Thoughts to “Files”

  1. Valentina

    Hi, when will the summer teachers organiser be available? I used the spring version (only came across it this month) and it has been amazing.

    Looking forward to the summer version.


    1. SazD

      I will be sorting them over the next week or so, ready for everyone to make use of for the summer term.

      Glad you have been enjoying the spring set 🙂


  2. Beth

    I really like your planner layout. Infact I’ve been using it as a digital version – trying to see if going paperless is possible for Sept 2013 and I’m finding it seems to be working quite well! I open it in preview (like adobe pdf.) and annotate over the top, even add little comment boxes after the lessons to help with planning the next week… and I can colour code everything! Perfect!

    Anyway I have hit a problem – next year we’re moving to a 6 period day 🙁 so I wanted to try and amend what you had already created. Would it be possible to send it me on word or what every programme you used to create it?

    Sorry for being cheeky, it’s just I’m quite used to the layout now!

    Anyway, if not no problem, keep up the excellent work!

  3. I’m sure something can easily be sorted out! 🙂
    Glad to hear you are getting on ok with the pages, great to have some feedback that people are getting on with them 🙂

  4. LisaC


    I absolutely LOVE your teacher planner! I’ve been trying to fiddle with the files to make a 6 period day planner and alter a few tiny things specific to my school but I’m not very savvy with merge documents and it keeps reverting to the original one when I merge it. Any chance you can give me some tips on how to do it?! I’m really looking to rolling it out in September! 🙂

  5. Just a note to say that the files page is now working again, I have uploaded the blank teachers planner pages for Primary Teachers or for those with multiple classes. All you need to do is print the number of copies you need, punch and put in your Filofax or folder then add the dates as you go. You can even use them digitally if you desire, for example you could use them with an iPad Pro in something like GoodNotes with your iPencil if you are trying to go paperless.

    Hope they are helpful.

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