Cello Challenge

I remember being in infant school, when I was about 6, and getting to playing a cello one day. The whole class could have a go, so I did and I played “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” – I loved it! I can remember hearing the deep sound and the familiar tune and I was playing it! I went home and told my Mum I wanted cello lessons! Then one day in junior school I was called out of class for my music lesson – do what?!? The teacher told me…

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Back To Uni?


It’s the start of a new term, maybe even a brand new start all together if your course starts this term! So what have you learnt so far that you will be trying to do more of or better than last term or less of than last term? For me, it is the start of my dissertation term. This time last year I was packing my stuff up at home between hospital visits to check in on my Dad after his heart attack, in preparation for moving back to campus…

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I Fancy Some New Tech!

One of my fellow students introduced me to his Amazon Echo Show last year, he is from California so it had already been released there so he brought it with him when he came to the UK in September for his masters. Being rather an Apple addict I was like, yeah but that’s what Siri can do and it is just like my iPad really but with the screen on and plugged in all the time. I realise now that it is not the same, sure it has some similar…

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