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I have been using the week per view insert that came with my Filofax (which I like – bought one the same layout for my A5 as that had a vertical one and I can’t get on with that sort, had the A5 prior to my personal sized Songbird purchase too). However, I am still not convinced this is the best set up so I have also been trying a Dodo pad insert as well. I like the colourfulness and the images in the Dodo but I am not getting on with the tiny boxes to write in! My handwriting doesn’t do miniature! Am thinking of perhaps getting the A4 version to use as my teachers planner, which may work out well (as long as wherever I end up teaching after July has a 5 lesson day it should work ok!) and will give me room to add notes around the pages too.

So, what am I looking for in my inserts? A good question which required some thinking the other day and hurt my head with trying to work out how to get/make what I wanted. Then I saw a post with a similar idea in it and it got me thinking more. What I think would work is a week on two pages as an overview for the week, then I need a day per page to plan my days (week days at least). Logically in my head these should go between the week and if you wanted to see the week overview, all you have to do is hold the day pages up in the middle and voila! But the problem with that is you would need to mark the pages so they can easily be picked up without having too many pages to flick through to get the right ones.

Now, I had been pondering with using A5 paper in my personal – with the short edge punched and the length then folded into the planner (i.e. Page folded in half). If I had the week to view on regular personal paper then had the day per A5 page (folded) in between, as long as the short side of the A5 was punched then the sheets would be slightly shorter in height than the personal (the holes side) so you could easily see the day per page pages to hold so you can view the week.

This might work! In my frenzied stationery ordering session after payday, I did actually order some A5 paper in 4 different colours so I can resolve the lack of colour to my planner as well (yes also makes it easier to see the different pages if a different colour is used for the week per view and the day per page!).

I am going to have to decide what I want on my day per view pages so I can print them. Might try and use the pages I already printed for my A5 and see how I get on with them in my personal for a couple of weeks, after all I can always put them back in my A5 if I don’t get on with them!

The other thing is I sometimes need more space to write things down over the weekend so I will need to work out how to get my week per view set up so I can have boxes large enough for me to write in each day. Maybe I will need to divide the 2 page spread in to 8 and have a small note section too but I could skip this and just use my to do list page for this instead as I now have that as the first page you see when you open the planner anyway.

Lots of things to try out but I may have to wait until half term to try any of it as I have loads of coursework marking to get done this week/weekend and then the next couple of weeks before half term are pretty filled (but hopefully will be less manic than this week!), I also have the District News to collate and publish so will be tied up a little more than I’d like. At least I’m busy right? 🙂

Will see if I can post some images so you can see what I have planned for this!

What do you think about this setup idea? Any suggestions or improvements for me let me know!

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