My 1st Philofaxy Conference

Today I took part in Philofaxy’s conference chat and I must say I enjoyed myself! It was great hearing from like-minded people and their stories and ideas about what’s happening in the Filofax world!

Am really looking forward to the next one and also hopefully meeting up with everyone at some point in the future!
It was nice hearing about things I did not know about and what was coming up, can’t wait to see some of those things coming out.

Gave me some ideas and helpful pointers to get my own Filofax’s more suited to my needs – even down to the right hole punch!

Thanks Philofaxy for a great afternoon!

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One Thought to “My 1st Philofaxy Conference”

  1. Sometimes it just nice to geek with like minded people. Wonders of the internet bringing such things together. 😀

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