New Filofax Fresh From Sweden!

After a bit of a search online I found a Filofax that I thought might serve as my purse and Filofax. I found it on the Filofax Sweden site, so did a quick currency conversion and then pondered for a bit, but on Sunday I decided to purchase it.

I came home from work today (Wednesday) and it had arrived! Brilliant service in my opinion!

I opened the parcel and tipped out the contents to find my new organiser, the invoice sheet and some banded diary inserts. I opened the organiser and to my surprise found that there was a diary inside (amongst other inserts) so I have 2 diary inserts (same year and view)! Bonus!

20120530-075948 PM.jpg

Inside the front cover:

20120530-080052 PM.jpg

Both diary inserts:

20120530-080158 PM.jpg

The back cover inside:

20120530-080237 PM.jpg

The purse section:

20120530-080324 PM.jpg

The side view of the organiser:

20120530-080445 PM.jpg

The diary pages:

20120530-080641 PM.jpg

The new organiser with my new Lamy fountain pen! The pen is dark purple and the organiser is red – they are very nearly the same colour!

20120530-080751 PM.jpg

The organiser is a Filofax Journey, personal sized in red. It feels really soft and squishy! Not sure about the purse section as a purse yet but I will have a play with it and see what happens! 🙂

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5 Thoughts to “New Filofax Fresh From Sweden!”

  1. Thought that was a little window on the pen to see what level the ink is at. 🙁 Decent clip on the pen, shouldn’t be snapping that soon.

    Looks like a good purchase, sorta thing everyone would want don’t understand why it was so hard to get hold of?!?

    1. SazD

      It is a little window to view the ink level! It’s really cool! 🙂
      We can get a Pennybridge organiser/purse but it’s zipped as one not separate like this is.

  2. this is very nice! I had never sent hat one. Very good purchase! Have fun 🙂

  3. Apotekse

    En vän till mig rekommenderat din blogg till mig och jag sa till mig själv kan ha titta på det. Och jag måste säga att jag gillar det väldigt mycket och jag tror detta kan vara en av mina mest favourit bloggar.
    Tack till mina vänner för sänd mig detta.

    Det är en riktigt interessting Post och hoppas att få se mer av detta från dig i framtiden.

    Gud välsigna och hälsningar

  4. Gisselle

    I really wish Filofax would make more of their Journey, especially this one. I wouldn’t know where to begin my search for this one.

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