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There were a few days of downtime at the end of March/beginning of April but that has been sorted and is still running as it was before that short break.

Work has been mega busy during April so nothing much was able to happen on here but now that April is out of the way (and CampNaNoWriMo has been won!) I should have some time to get some new things posted.
There is also a side project that I am going to be working on but that will not interfere with this site, it is just an additional project I will be working on!

I am currently doing some training through work that gets me a step up on the career ladder, for that we have to arrange an event to gage what we have learnt over the course by showing higher takings than for the previous year. I of course will be using my Filofax to help me with this, I just need to work out what event I will be planning as the one I was hoping to run now can’t be run on the date I needed it to (we have a set date) as a key person is booked already. Now I need to work out what other event I can run on that day that will allow me to make a good impact on our customers and sales!

Do you organise events from your Filofax? What inserts do you use? Maybe you just use the basic ones, or perhaps you’ve found some that work really well for organising an event?


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