Day Per Page Inserts

A few people have been talking about page a day pages suitable for journalling, I made myself some based on the ones Steve and Ray have on Philofaxy.

In addition to the ones mentioned below, I have just made a printable PDF of A4 page a day lined journal pages, all you need to do is print them. You can booklet print them to A4 paper so each page is only A5 or you can print directly to A5 paper if you want to.

The file for that is this one: Merged Journal PDF Pages 1st Nov 2012 – 12th Jan 2014


There are 3 variations of the basic page – one with times, one with just lines and one with boxes at the bottom for checking off if you have taken your vitamins/glasses of water/exercised etc. obviously these can be customised for your own needs.

They have the page size set to A5 but you can easily change this and stretch the table to fill an A4 page, just make sure you keep it on one page!

I have also included the Excel file which I originally got from Philofaxy but have edited as I made sure the dates in it covered from now until January 2014, you can extend or reduce this as required by removing entire lines or highlighting an entire row and using the square blob in bottom right corner of the cells you have selected – just make sure you allow for the days up to the 31st of every month!

Day per page with times

Day per page boxes

Day per page full lines

Day per page Excel file


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