Pocket Malden Wallet Setup

Now I have set up my Lyndhurst to stay at home so I can sort out my finances I thought I should see what I could take out of my purse already to put in the receipts and such like.
In doing this I decided to try and use my pocket Malden as my wallet to see if I could get on with it.

This is the Lyndhurst and Malden together after I’d finished:

20120624-042625 AM.jpg

It’s quite chunky but not stuffed:

20120624-042737 AM.jpg
Inside the front:

20120624-042834 AM.jpg
Just some points cards and vouchers in a Paperchase zip file.

Then I have written in what I have spent money on and where in the week on 2 pages diary. I haven’t really used the diary insert yet although it’s set up with a month on 2 pages separating out a months worth of weeks pages and some date reminders included but not many so I thought this would be a good way to use it and see what’s happening with my money to see if there’s any patterns to my spending spree’s!
I did try and fill in the finance sheet that came with it but I got confused and think I might need to make my own sheets for this if I am going to use them.

20120624-043504 AM.jpg

So there we go, that’s my Lyndhurst and Malden set up to help me improve my finances! Looking forward to using my Malden, absolutely love the colour (Crimson) – if only it came in A5 size as well! Hopefully I will get on with using it as my wallet and will be able to stick to my new budget plan this month.

I want to try and do some of the spending less challenges that I’ve seen and heard about so over the course of the next few weeks I will post to let you know what I’m doing and how I’m getting on.

As ever, thanks for reading and visiting my sector of the net! šŸ™‚

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2 Thoughts to “Pocket Malden Wallet Setup”

  1. I want to do some ‘spending less’ to, so hard!


    1. SazD

      It certainly is! Am in the early stages and it is not easy when you have been spending without thinking much and burning the plastic.
      Luckily I only have a debit card not a credit card but I can still easily spend too much!

      I think once I have gotten used to spending cash and less bit by bit it will be easier. It will probably also help when I have made some small zipped purses to go inside my Malden so it’s easier to get the coins in and out and keep them separate for food, pocket money etc.

      Have you started to spend less or is it just a wish?

      S x

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