A5 Zipped Holborn

It’s been in use for a week now and I have to say It has been a pleasure!

20120617-112042 PM.jpg
I have customised my own inserts so that I can use it to plan my lessons amongst the rest of my day and see a month overview at a glance.

20120617-112300 PM.jpg
Above you can see I have been planning my day and any notes or reminders for the day are at the bottom of the page. Was a little worried the lilac of the paper would be too much but having used it for the week it actually is great, particularly as it is not white!

20120617-112532 PM.jpg

Above is the month on two pages, slightly empty at present as I haven’t filled in all the dates yet. Quite a bit more to add soon!

20120617-112720 PM.jpg

In one of the front card slot I currently have a bit of origami one of my students made me! She was surprised to see it tucked into my planner still but it made her smile so it’s going to be in there as a reminder of the good times when things are less than fun.
There are also some post-it arrows in the top card slot – though I think they should be sticky on the point not the other end!
I have tucked a list of students for my year 10 catch up class in the pocket behind the card slots so I can update my daily reminders and not let any escape without attending!

20120617-113213 PM.jpg

At the back of my planning pages I have a card holder with some stickers for marking when I set/collect homework (although I haven’t used them yet!) and post-it type to do’s which I got on a trip to London from Muji after Louise mentioned them to me a few days before.

20120617-113429 PM.jpg

At the front I also have a few pages of priority squares, I also got the idea of those from Louise but changed mine slightly after researching them online as I remembered them differently than she’d laid them out. I like them but they are not going to replace my to do list I don’t think (at least at the minute) but they are good for working out what I have to do first when my to do list is crazy and I have several tasks that all seem to need to be done right now.

I have been using a Pilot V ball pen in turquoise to write in my Holborn. I love the colour and how nicely it writes. I might also get myself a purple one to go with it although I have been using my Parker fountain pen to write in it at school as I mark with it, using Parker purple ink. I really love the colour of the Parker purple, the Lamy and Waterman ink isn’t quite dark/strong enough for my liking.

So that’s my new Holborn set up as my teachers planner. It’s still work in progress but it’s pretty good so far. The tabs were added and made it much easier to open on the month to view pages, although you can easily see them because of the different colour paper.
I can also fit my iPhone in the pocket at the bottom of the card slots on the inside cover so can quickly tidy up when I need to and set up quickly also! I really like it!

I have also got a pocket Malden to update you with, more to follow on that soon as I still need to sort out some day to a page pages. Despite wondering if I even need them or if I should just have the month to view pages and some plain paper instead! Anyway that’s still to come!

After seeing Ray’s new divider pages I am also now looking out for images to print and make into dividers so have several things to keep me busy with when I’m not so busy with school!

Happy planning! 🙂
S x

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