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Since term ended in July I have not been using a diary to write appointments in or to do lists, but that has now changed as I forgot what day it was the other day so missed a meeting! It wasn’t anything life or death but I still should have been there.
So after I got last weekend out of the way I clicked on over to Philofaxy to check out what pages I could try out whilst I do not have a teaching job to plan for as the page a day A5 was far to big – mostly blank pages would be a waste of paper and make me feel even more frustrated about not having a job at present.

After reviewing my options I eventually decided to try the “Enhanced TM week per view” as a week on A5 would work out far more space efficient! When I initially saw these inserts I thought they looked good but didn’t see why I would want the page on the right with the tasks and reminders, however they actually work out quite well if you don’t need to plan your hours out like I do when teaching!

So I have printed off just over a month’s worth of pages on to yellow paper, punched them with my Monster Rexel 420 Punch and put them in my A5 zipped Holborn. The yellow paper is possibly a bit too “lemon” for my liking but I have plenty of it to use so decided to try a bright colour for a change, when I next need to order paper I would probably not pick pastel yellow but instead opt for cream or something slightly less “in your face”!

I was sat in Costa Coffee yesterday, writing some letters and enjoying my coffee and food when I realised I could in fact put some items in the task box and also the reminders box! As I do them I can tick them off in the appropriate column and I could use different colour pens to do this! Yay more colour and I can also colour code tasks depending on if it’s personal or for a job application or Scouts etc. I know a lot of other people already do this but I get a little OCD perfectionist with it and then don’t end up doing it.

20120913-033355 PM.jpg

Once I have put my letters in the envelopes, attached the correct amount of postage and sent them off I can put another tick in the box, this shows me that I am actually getting things done despite it feeling like I am not sometimes. A lot like my final year on my BSc – I had a sheet on my wall for each day of the week (one week at a time) and I would list each task I needed to complete that day on one page – even simple things like getting up, eating and watching something on TV so that I had more motivation and knew that if I procrastinated and washed the laundry Monday instead of Tuesday I would have nothing but work to do Tuesday.

I am not sure how I would combine this week on 2 page TM view with the daily pages I need for my teaching. I am sure something will come up before I need to think about that properly so I am just going to enjoy using these inserts for now!

20120913-033412 PM.jpg

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