A New Job, A New Layout…

Two months ago I started a new job. It might surprise some of you to read that it is not at a school but in a pub near to where I live. It’s only part time but I have been working as many hours as I can to pay the bills and I have been loving it!
It has been physically exhausting, mainly because of the heat behind the bar as the bar air con doesn’t really work that well, but its also because there are full washer trays of glasses to pick up, put into and take out of the glass washer, bottles to restock the fridges with and occasionally a few hours of washing up in the even hotter kitchen to do. This has been a change from teaching in that I am no longer mentally exhausted after work, just hot and achy! I haven’t quite “broken myself in” to the job yet – but I am getting there!

This new routine has meant changes all round. My sleep pattern has changed to nocturnal again – which is a good thing as I am more awake in the evening/early morning than any other time! Getting up at 5am to get ready for a day of teaching was fine as long as I was in bed early enough the night before and the rest of the house didn’t disturb me…
My work clothes are now fully black as that’s what we are told to wear, which makes it easy to sort but seeing as I have finally got over the constantly wearing black thing, it feels a bit weird being back in black for work. I have been wearing colours outside of work instead.

Another thing that’s changed is the work week, it now runs Sunday to Saturday rather than Monday to Sunday (well Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday in between!).
My Filofax inserts have been massively helpful, of course, not only keeping track of my shifts but also how long I have worked for so I can check I get paid for the correct amount of hours each month.
Annoyingly, my inserts go from Monday to Sunday so I have to make sure I include the Sunday of the previous week rather than the current view when I am adding up my weekly hours. The other thing that I have found is that the 2 time columns per day make a shift that goes across both columns messy!


So in order to sort this out I created myself some inserts that only seemed to be available on the Swedish Filofax website, and even then the week runs Monday to Sunday and they have Saturday and Sunday squished into one column.

I created myself a personal sized week across two pages in vertical format, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday then a column for notes. The times starts at 8am and finishes at midnight. I have highlighted the rows for midday and 6pm so the day is visually separated slightly.


Hopefully this layout will help me to see how my hours are panning out each week and where I can do things.
Sadly my printer didn’t want to double side print the selection I printed to test drive so it came out with printing on one side of each page but next time I can print the even sides followed by the odd sides (or the other way round as necessary!) to get them back to back.

Looking forward to seeing how they work out!

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3 Thoughts to “A New Job, A New Layout…”

  1. I made some pages almost identical to that for my daughter. She doesn’t like the horizontal weekly pages and a day per page is too much. She loves the vertical weekly!

    Good luck adjusting to the new job.

  2. The new job sounds great but frustrating about the layout issue. Good luck with your layout creations!

  3. Thanks for the replies, I have been liking the layout for the ease of seeing the time blocked out but my weekly view is really bland at the minute!
    Will have to work at making the pages more fun and colourful! 🙂

    Currently my legs don’t like me very much! Need to sort that out as standing up and walking are not easy when you have pain in your knees and ankle ligaments! lol!

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