Tracking Health – Filofax & Fitbit or Filofax & Pulse?

Since I started my new job at the pub I have been losing weight – without even really trying to. I don’t know how much I weighed when I started but I do know that in the last month I have lost over a stone. I know I had already lost quite a bit as you could already tell in my face and from my slimmer tummy that I had. I wish I knew what I weighed prior to starting working there!

I have been using My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone for the past month but I am hoping to incorporate either a weight-loss section or add a space for recording things to my current pages.

I think I need to start writing down what I am eating in my Filofax as well as having it in my app as I can see clearly when things are in front of me on paper, without having to flick between different pages of the app and not being able to see both pages at a time. I also am hoping to add new gadgets to my arsenal so that I can collect more data about myself.

I would like to get either a Fitbit Flex or a Withings Pulse – at some point I would also like to add a set of scales as well and both companies do scales that update to your Fitbit or Withings account wirelessly which is ideal for me.

With all this in mind, it might be time for me to reconsider the Filofax I am using whilst working out which companies products to go for what with the additional things I will be writing in my organiser, I am not sure I will have enough room in my current Personal Malden. The other option of course, it that I use a Filofax purely for the recording of my fitness items, but then it won’t necessarily be always  with me. This want for changing my organiser has been brewing for the past few weeks, I have been missing the A5 size page, my A5 Holborn has been sitting patiently waiting for me to start reusing him but work wise I don’t really have a need to use him as I am just writing down my shifts and other appointment/plans rather than having to plan out things for work.

I could equally start using the A5 purple Malden I purchased nearly a year ago and havent really started using yet, I printed off Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Incredible workbook and planner but haven’t yet sat down and filled it in! (Yes, yes, I know I should – it will help me workout some actual plans for my job situation and other such necessities but I’ve been procrastinating!) Maybe if I add my Health tracking to the A5 Malden I will make progress with both, as I am already so motivated with my weight-loss, seeing the weight drop off has made me even more determined to make the number smaller and smaller and my tummy get smaller and smaller!

I am currently waiting for a delivery from Studio L2E with a “Plan It” stamp set I ordered a few weeks ago, which will help as it has water tracking glasses on it and other little symbols that will be useful for adding check boxes or appointments or weigh-in data to my pages. Having looked again at their website today, I think I should have also ordered the Rate It set as well! Ah well, maybe next time! I have even been thinking that perhaps the Dodo Accapad A5 might be the thing to sort me out? Then I can have a column for Work, Scouts, Health Stuff, FlyLady and whatever else?

I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas as well, I think I might need to make some custom pages at some point but that will have to wait for a while as I have still got to play around with the Teacher’s Organiser Pages as the extra lesson section is not quite as straight forward as I thought it would be and I am really busy at work at present, even more so over the next two weeks or so as my boss is away and I will be playing assistant deputy manager and kitchen assistant while my boss and her partner are away. I have today off and so far it has been spent moving a whole pile of things to locate an item, then putting the entire pile of things back, making sure I have eaten, showered and am dressed before going to my meeting tonight. Ideas are flying around my head and I really wish I had a Fitbit or Pulse device already as I would have been enthusiastic to see how many calories and steps I have taken already today just by the chaos that has been happening since I got out of bed! Alas, I haven’t got one and there is another 9 days until pay day, so unless someone fancies sending me one to review, I get some money or someone buys me one I am going to have to wait impatiently, whilst deciding on one or the other, until next Friday!

What are your thoughts? Do you have a Fitbit Flex or a Withings Pulse? What do you like/dislike about them? How do you keep track of your health/fitness in your Filofax or am I alone in wanting to do this?!? Let me know, just comment below! 🙂




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2 Thoughts to “Tracking Health – Filofax & Fitbit or Filofax & Pulse?”

  1. I have a Fitbit Flex and a Fitbit Aria (a wifi-scale). I’ll start off by saying, I’ve become way more conscious about my activity since getting my Flex. The ability to track things every day is amazing, and it takes so little effort on my part. I love being able to see a complete picture of my activity and how it corresponds to my weight and body fat % over time. So I’m sold on activity trackers in general now.

    However, I’m not sure the Fitbit Flex was the right choice. I preordered mine and finally got it in June. By August, I had already contacted support for a replacement band because it was falling apart and looked awful. I work full time at a desk. Aside from that, I’m not doing anything particular adventurous, so it’s not like this thing was getting beat around. This was 40 hours a week at a desk, another 50 sleeping, and the rest doing errands or reading. I like the convenience of the band design, but if the band fails after 2 months, is it really worth it? Part of me wishes I had gotten the Fitbit One instead.

  2. I was really pleased to hear that the Fitbit has been making you more conscious about your activity, I hope that this in tern also means it’s motivating you to do more active things as well?

    I am pretty shocked however about the fact you have already had to order a replacement band! That is really bad! Especially as you don’t seem to have been doing anything other than wearing it to get it like that.

    I did end up getting myself a Fitbit Flex, I was still deciding come payday but then found I could reserve and collect a Slate coloured one so I went for it! Like wise I am finding it really interesting to see my activity and don’t like it when I haven’t reached my daily steps (this week that has been often as I’ve had a bad shoulder so have not been at work and have not really wanted to do much as I was in so much pain). I really like that I have a couple of friends I have linked with on the app/website as I like the challenge of getting more steps then them!

    It will be interesting to see how well my band lasts as I have quite an active job and I’m not exactly known for keeping my possessions pristine so it will get a good amount of use! The other thing I realised is that the band itself must be made from rubber, now one of my good friends is allergic to latex and a lot of rubberised technology cases/covers give her an allergic reaction so she has had to get her work to switch her tablet case and even mobile phone due to the rubber buttons so I do not think she would be able to wear the Fitbit Flex without having an allergic reaction either which is really disappointing. Granted she could get a Fitbit One instead or possibly a Withings Pulse but it’s good having your friend group with the same models so you can really compare your activity like for like (yes they do the same thing but it’s like one friend eating an apple and the other an orange, they are both fruit but you can’t quite compare them in the same way).

    I have yet to work out how to incorporate my results in my
    Filofax however, but as I have just changed my setup for the remainder of the year (at least) I might now be able see where I can incorporate the data I want.

    Anyone else have a Fitbit Flex, let me know how you are getting on with it! 🙂

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